To have the perfect smile is a vision dreamed by all. When talking to others, our teeth have a great role in making a good first impression. However, it is impossible for everyone to have dental aesthetic naturally. The current, prior fillings, pigmentations due to the consumption of coffee and cigarettes, intricated or broken teeth, poor looks due to the periodontal diseases, can ruin our dental aesthetics. Currently, under favour of developing technology, quite a lot striking development has occured in dental aesthetics. Before, in order to ensure aesthehic, the entire teeth to be ceased and minimized, over it to be covered by porcelain krones, was the best way to achieve it, nowadays by porcelain laminate veenering, without even eroding the teeth is possible in order to give patients the aesthetic look they desire. The purpose of aesthetic dentistry is to make your teeth and accordingly your smile to look much more pleasant by using various methods. Based on what needs to be done, this either can be an outdated filling to be replaced or for all your teeth’s closings and sight to be arranged.


We can list the implementations based on aesthetic denstistry as follows;

Discolorated prior fillings  to be altered in the front area

Teeth to be whitened

The gaps between the teeth to be devoured

Using porcelain laminate venner in order to alter the color, shape and the sequence of the teeth

Gum self-levelling properties to be applied

Dental tissue losses based on corrotion to be unioned to the correct sizes

Gingival recessions to be eliminated by  soft tissue grafts

Teeth lackings to be eliminated by using applications such as implants or dental bridgework