Milk teeth begin to grow in the first 6 months and continue until the age of 12 years. In children, permanent teeth generally last around 6 years of age and after this period, the so-called mixed dentition begins. This period in which both primary teeth and permanent teeth start to erupt, is determinant for the future skeletal and dental condition of children. In this process, early loss of primary teeth may affect the jaw development and lead to aesthetic and speech disorders.


Preventive dentistry starts from the first teeth in the mouth. At this stage, the family should be conscious.

Preventive dentistry approaches and treatments in children consist of the following topics:


Brushing teeth
 Monitoring the dental development
 To gain the habit of flossing
 Informing the family
Proper nutrition
Detection and prevention of bad habits
Fluoride applications
Fissure sealant applications
Protection from trauma and impacts