On average, one third of human life is spent with sleep. Quality sleep is of great importance for a healthy life. Poor quality sleep; It can cause sleep apnea which can cause high blood pressure, rhythm disturbances in the heart, paralysis and sudden night deaths.


Sleep apnea is one of the most important diseases caused by snoring and is referred to as respiratory arrest during sleep. During sleep apnea, which can be repeated repeatedly during the night, there is relaxation in the muscles that keep the upper airways open. Inability to breathe for at least 10 seconds as a result of tongue root or soft palate or overgrown tonsils obstructing airway is called sleep apnea.

New searches are ongoing due to the low long-term success of snoring operations and the difficult tolerability of CPAP-Masks worn by patients with sleep apnea at night. Successful results are achieved by snoring prostheses which are accepted recently, which are attached to teeth while sleeping every night and adjusted according to the jaw structure of the person, pulling the tongue forward with the lower jaw and opening the airway behind the tongue. Snoring prosthesis is also a good method that can be used to treat complaints such as tooth grinding and squeezing in the patient by preventing snoring with mouth opening due to muscle relaxation during sleep.

Increased saliva against the foreign body in the mouth, mild pain in the jaw joints in the morning are the initial ailments and these complaints usually end after two weeks of acclimatization. These devices, which are used at night, are a good treatment alternative that does not take up space and you can take with you on your travels. It can be easily prepared after being examined and decided by dentists or Otorhinolaryngologists.